Successful date and NYC

My date on Weds went well with the guy I knew from school. We worked out it had been 12 years since we last saw eachother! Crazy! We went for a couple of drinks and I was there for over 3 hours which was longer than expected. It actually was fine and quite enjoyable, the chat continued and we got to know eachother more and he was nicer looks than I remembered too, bonus! 🙂

He messaged me saying he had a nice time and the next day he messaged at the end of the day saying he’d been thinking about me – that put a big smile on my face leaving work! We are meeting again but need to sort out when and where but it’ll be within the next week. I’m pretty hopeful about this one!

Also I booked a trip to New York City last night, the flights went down so much so had to get it booked there and then! Pretty scary as I’m going on my own and will spend the first 2 days and nights in a hotel in my own exploring the city then I’ll spend 4 days and nights with a friend. I’m so proud of myself for booking it, nervous and scared about it as I’ve never done anything like this on my own and super excited for the adventure and seeing my friend and visiting New York. It’s such a dream and it’s happening eek! I’m going 19 August which is 2 days after my birthday, fun times ahead!

Positive vibes this week for me! Things are looking up 🙂 finally!



Weekend escapades and upcoming date

So I’ve given up on pro golfer, he’s been a bit weird too which confirmed my thoughts. Shame as we got along well over whatsapp but no point dwelling over it…

At the weekend I was out with a friend and a guy I’ve met fairly recently while out was messaging me and said he’d come to meet me when my friend left so I though why not, probably the vodka talking too as it gave me extra confidence! We met and partied the night away and drank the night away too. Somehow I ended up back at his (he lives with his parents so not ideal) and we were extra quiet. Some fun was had then I got a taxi home at 6am, eek! Getting home when the birds are tweeting away is not good lol. We’ve been texting every day since even though he’s abroad for work and he seems really nice, only thing is that he’s 5 years younger hmmm…

Keeping options open I’m meeting with the guy I’ve known since I was about 10, but wasn’t ever too close too, tomorrow. Pretty nervous as I feel there’s a bit more pressure and nerves when it’s someone you kind of know. I need to put those thoughts to the back of my head and just enjoy it though. I’ll provide an update soon! We’re going for a drink locally, hopefully won’t bump into anyone we know from school who will start Chinese whispers lol. Fingers crossed! I’m going to enjoy dating for now and not get hopes up and just see what happens. 


Date with Pro

So Pro will be his nickname as he’s a pro golfer.

We finally met, this is the guy I’ve been speaking to from pof for nearly 7 weeks now after spotting him on there within a few miles when I was enjoying a weekend away in Bournemouth. We decided to meet half way in Basingstoke for drinks and a meal and had spoken every day for the last 7 weeks so I felt nervous as I put a lot of hope into this. We got in great over whatsapp and I didn’t have any worry we wouldn’t get along.

We met in the car park then walked to a bar then went for tapas and had a walk and went home. The conversation was flowing, I felt I asked more questions but maybe that’s just a female thing anyways? A few things he did were a bit cringe and annoying but generally we got along. Something about him put me off though, the way he spoke was ok, I think he might have speech problems perhaps and be a bit simple. He told me he’s not very academic and he didn’t know how to pronounce simple words. It threw me a bit as didn’t expect it. I want to be with a man who knows how to be a man and protect you and does well for himself. I’m very ambitious and want someone similar who lots of hobbies. Pro only has golf as a hobby and doesn’t seem to do anything with friends so does he actually have friends? Also meeting half way was tiring enough so distance isn’t great. I haven’t told him how I’m feeling yet but know I have to, shame though as we’ve spoken every day and got to know eachother so I’m really annoyed we didn’t have the spark.

So back to online it is for me but I’m so put off when I receive odd messages like the one below, what is that about?!

I am messaging a couple of local guys, one I’ve known kind of since I was 10 and another I met on a night out so maybe I’ll just ate to meet up and see how things go or strike them off the list. I’ll just have to stay patient I suppose for now for my king in shining armour to show his face. Maybe I should stop being as fussy too?!


Dating update

So I’ve been talking to someone from Bournemouth for nearly 2 months now and we met on POF and then swapped numbers so mainly chat over whatsapp. I drunkenly called him last weekend and spoke to him too! Oops! Bad times on my part…

We’ve decided to meet up in Basingstoke next Wednesday evening for dinner. I’m so nervous and do have the feeling of what’s the point to be honest due to distance. He seems so lovely and we always have lots to chat about but being an hour and 45 minutes away when we both have fairly busy lives and he works some weekends could be difficult. I like the spontaneous ‘can I come round for a couple of hours’ messages etc and I know I won’t get that with him. But I feel I may be missing an opportunity if I don’t go as he could be the one I’m looking for, who knows…I think I will just go but can’t help the doubts which I’m sure everyone has and I’m sure nerves has a big part to play in my doubts too!

Also I matched with someone on Tinder that I knew from school but haven’t seen in about 10 years. He’s still local, we were never close at school but had mutual friends and grew up in the same village so I’ve known him probably since I was about 11. I always thought he was quite good looking so thought why not I’ll swipe right and then when I logged in last night there was a match and a message from him. He asked to meet up so I’m deciding whether that’s a good idea too at the moment.

There are options out there but I’m just not overly thrilled for some reason. Perhaps it’s because I need to learn to love myself first like the picture says as that is something I struggle with. How can I do that though?! Maybe booking a holiday to nyc to visit friends will be a first step to taking time out and spending a couple of days on my own exploring a new city and a new me and working out who that is and then staying with friends for a few days to reconnect and discuss the old times.

His birthday and our anniversary

So today is my ex’s birthday and what would’ve been our 7 year anniversary. It’s a tough day! I’m here nursing a 2 day hangover from a heavy weekend in Manchester visiting uni friends and he’s off sunning himself up abroad with his new girlfriend. So obviously she’s posting a million things on facebook like always. It’s like she’s a teenager the way she does it and I know it’s just to rub it in my face. He’s also bought her a Swarovski bracelet, it’s his birthday, whys he buying her such a gift!? But of course she had to put up a soppy status and photo. Eurgh. 

I wrote on his wall saying happy birthday and hope he’s having a nice holiday and said that Charlie (our dog) wishes his daddy a happy birthday and he only went and deleted it. Most likely she kicked off and as he has no balls anymore and she’s got him wrapped around her finger he does whatever to please her. So frustrating and just plain rude! So rude and I’m so angry. I had a bit of a meltdown when I realised and my dog ran over to me and jumped on me and licked my face then lay like a baby in my arms and fell asleep. He never does that and it made me cry more as it was just so cute and I’m glad that comfort.

Anyways I’m now off to the gym for a personal trainer session to induct me on some of the machines I never use that look complicated and I have so many emotions so will put that into my work out.

I hate feeling like this and can’t wait to be happy again I really can’t but I just can’t see it happening. I have temporary moments of happiness when I have a night out planned or weekend away then afterwards is so hard as the excitement leading up the those events has passed and everything comes crashing down on me again.