Lay off the alcohol

I’m sure everyone thinks this at this time of year after the festive period and socialness of it all but I’m thinking in general. I feel I’ve been relying on alcohol a lot to make me temporarily happy but I binge drink and always get sooo drunk I don’t remember most of my fun nights out. Then I have a 2 day hangover and sore feet! I’m not saying at nearly 30 I’m too old to keep doing this at all as I’m not but maybe I need to cut back. Also the amount I’m spending I could be saving towards my place I want sometime this year.

I need to start thinking of priorities. I need to find other ways of having fun without getting wrecked.

I have so many thoughts going through my head…due to many reasons but including:

  • It’s a new year and I need to make some changes in my life…small but still changes that will lead to big changes eventually to better myself and my life
  • Need to sort out my debt issues and start saving and paying them off more than I am
  • I’m currently ill with a chest infection and possible pneumonia so I’ve got plenty of time to think
  • I want to make my parents and family proud of me in all aspects of my life and prove I have my shit together once again

I’m feeling positive that I can do this so hopefully this thought stays with me! All of these will help me with my depression and help me to learn to love myself again then who knows maybe I’ll meet the right guy who will truly love me…here’s to 2016! 


Looking forwards and smiling…

Looking forwards is tough but must be done to move on and be happy. Sorry for the radio silence lately. I’ve felt slightly happier which is obviously a positive thing for me after the tough year. 
With nyc planning, sunshine and a few dates with the guy I knew from school it’s been a good couple of weeks. I’m proud of myself for booking the trip and even though it’s scary as I’ll spend the first 2-3 days alone I think it’s going to be the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. And why not do it when I might not have another opportunity of solo travelling. I can’t wait to see my friend after 8 years too when I meet up with her for the last 4 days. Broadway, sightseeing, cocktails, shopping and fun times! 40 days… Countdown! Now the challenge to save up and hopefully I’ll get lots of dollars for my birthday to spend.

Dating-wise I’ve had 3 dates with M and it’s really nice. I’ve debated with myself whether I’m ready for a full blown relationship as I think it will end up going that way but feel I need to give it a go and fully move on. He’s so genuinely nice and honest which is so refreshing and we get on well and he gets on well with my dog. He’s invited me round to his Saturday daytime with my dog to chill so watch this space…

I’ve also gone from blonde to brunette really and have received lots of compliments from people at work and at home, new identity, new me, new life! 

Any tips on nyc solo travelling would be appreciated 🙂 xoxo