The right fish must be out there somewhere…

I’m still relying on online dating to find me the right match. Do I have hope?…No. So why do I do it? I have no idea! It passes time and I don’t really meet guys any other way apart from a drunken kiss in a bar/club and them being a lot younger than me.

I attract some right weird people, in life and online too, my friends didn’t believe I receive so many odd messages online so I logged in and the first two were…

Seriously?! 99.99999% of the time I get boring ‘hey’ messages or weird messages like the above. Another example:

What is wrong with guys today?! No I do not want to sit on your face all day long, aside from that being uncomfortable for you I have things to do plus you’re just gross!

I’ve changed my age range I search in now to 29-35 (I’m now 30) as I know I need to stop finding younger guys, it always happens, I’d like to meet a hot mature guy who knows what he wants in life. Apparently that’s way too much to ask for and he doesn’t seem to exist but I have to have a tiny bit of hope right?! It’s not like I’m expecting to meet anyone now and I feel I have a guard up from dealing with arseholes, I just hope my turn to be happy with someone comes sometime soon…

Life is funny, it scares me as you don’t know what’s around the corner – good or bad – and it’s been a bumpy year. I thought it’d be my year but now I have to hope 2017 will be. My 30s will be my decade!


Where will I meet him?

The one who will help me forget my feelings for my ex, the one who will truly care for me and treat me well and the one I can fall for and laugh with daily… Where is he?

So far he’s certainly not been online, in clubs/bars, work or the gym. Should I take up a new hobby or venture to new places!? But then that wouldn’t be me and I’d be going places or doing things I wouldn’t normally do or might not have a high interest in just to meet someone.

Sometimes there is some eye candy in the gym but who really meets someone there? How would you start a conversation or approach someone? No one wants to be chatted up when all sweaty and in a routine of working out do they? I’d probably fall off the machine and be clumsy if someone did that anyways haha, that’s the girl in me!

I want to have that feeling when you first meet a someone you really like the look of and someone who likes to have fun and get to know you. I want to feel that click again!

 Patience  is running away I feel. Other things are getting me down at the moment from finances to home situation to holiday plans and friends so it’s difficult to stay positive. That’s why I’m here though as I’m hoping by getting feelings out in the way of a blog I’ll feel a bit lighter and relieved.

I’m off to Manchester on Friday to visit a couple of crazy uni friends and it’s so needed. Comedy night on Friday followed by a mad uni style night out on Saturday, it’s going to be messy and lots of dancing and shots. Perfect and just what I need right now! Bring it on!