Can’t handle this

I literally cannot handle the feeling of disappointment and hurt anymore. I can’t handle dating. It hurts too much. What am I supposed to do?!

I’ve had 2 official dates and 2 brief encounters with D in the last 2 weeks. We had our 1st date on Xmas eve other drinks in our local city bars then went back to his and I gave in to naughtiness. I’ve literally never got in with someone so well on a 1st date, so much in common and so much chat. Then we had our 2nd date Boxing Day night and I went to his with alcohol and games and we had more naughtiness and I just felt we were so compatible in every way. We got on, joked, laughed, flirted, had banter, had great sex etc.

So today I’ve suggested a couple of days in the next week to meet and he’s busy so fair enough. He then sent me the following: “can we just see how things go in the week? It would be good to meet again but can we just go with the flow?”

To meet that’s pretty much someone saying they don’t want to date anyone, how would you read into that? He’s literally the perfect guy so it’s understandably hurt me A LOT especially with all my recent emotions and I finally felt he could help me through this and I had a good feeling from the initial meeting with him. I’m so fed up of being the girl that guys are happy to have fun with, why not anything serious? I’m easygoing, fun, caring and have so much to give.

 Advice is needed please!


Led on…

Starting the day with anger is never good but it’s happened today. I’m still angry about being led on but the recent guy I was seeing but this morning I’ve noticed he’s back on pof and has changed his intent from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘dating but nothing serious’. At least he will be honest with future dates but why did I have to be the one that was led on?! Also he’s deleted me off facebook!

So I haven’t responded to his last message as I was hurt but more annoyed at letting myself get led on again! I really didn’t see it coming with him though as he was the one making plans, wanting to go on holiday and he said he’s been the happiest he’s been. He actually seemed a nice genuine guy. To be honest that was something I was unsure about as thought he was too nice. I know guys can’t win can they?! But how wrong was I?!


There’s a possibility I will bump into him at the gym so I’m going to be strong and ignore him as he should’ve messaged me again if he cared at all to see how I was after his revelation but instead he deletes me from his life. Argh!

I’m worried I’m going to really hold back from future dating now and be worried when I should just be able to try and enjoy it. When and where will I meet the one?!