Turning a corner…

That’s right, my life has turned a positive corner for a number of reasons lately. I wish my grandma was here to share everything with but I know she’s looking down on me and smiling me and supporting me alon with my grandad. So what’s happened?!


Yes I’ve finally found my own place. Last Saturday I viewed it and I made my decision five minutes after leaving the viewing. I move in less than two weeks now, how exciting?! My own cute house with a lovely garden. My parents have been extremely supportive and generous during this process and have bought me new items for my house and given me money so I can afford to furnish the place with new items rather than second hand which I thought would be happening. I’ve needed my own space for a while now and after living back at home for just over two years the time has come, I honestly was worrying it wouldn’t happen then it happens so quickly. I couldn’t be happier. I’m packing now and surrounded by flat pack furniture boxes and boxes of my things, too exciting! I hope Charlie, my dog, will love the new place. The garden is perfect for him and safely enclosed so I’m sure he will. I just hope he settles quickly.


I’ve been on two dates with a guy called Lee. We bonded over a mutual love of a band from our childhood online and met a few days later. He’s confident, hilarious, sarcastic, cute and hot…so far he seems like the guy I’ve been hoping to meet. We’ve had two fun dates and have our third tomorrow. I can’t wait to see him and he just messaged to say he’s looking forward to tomorrow and can’t wait to see me. I’m liking this one and we have a spark and I’ve got a really good feeling. Fingers and toes crossed for Lee and I! Also he lives less than a few minutes drive from my new house. Meant to be?! We shall see… I’m enjoying getting to know him before we have sex too.


After being promoted again in April I’ve done well. Last week I managed my women’s executive programme also and did a great job. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from everyone also so I’m happy. There’s a potential chance of a manager’s job b coming vacant in the next month or so also and my director is suggesting I go for it. I would never have thought about it just yet, maybe a year’s time but she’s given me the confidence to think I can do it and why not go for the interview?! She’s supporting me and will update me when she knows more about the potential vacancy.

So all in all it’s been positive for me and I’ve actually cried a few times from happiness and genuine happiness. I haven’t felt like this in so long, I literally cannot remember when I felt like this. It’s an odd feeling but a great one and one I want to hold on to. I’ll keep you updated! xoxo


NYC, new beginnings…

oops so I haven’t written in a while, I really want to keep up with this but it’s hard when my feelings are so up and down I find. So NYC was a great experience, it made me realise I wasn’t ready for a serious relationship though so I ended things with M when I got back, he’s so lovely so it’s such a shame but it’s not right. If I’m still thinking of my ex when with him then he’s obviously not the one so I’ll just be strong and patient until the one sweeps me off my feet and I stop thinking about my ex like that!

I rejoined the world of online dating as it’s a good distraction and even though it’s annoying a lot of the time it can be funny and you can meet the odd half decent guy who you can have a conversation with. I also met someone who is selling me my new car, which I collect in 2 weeks – exciting, and there’s something about him I really like and could see myself falling for him but he’s 6 years younger and I have a feeling I’ll get hurt. I’m being careful but don’t want to not try because I’m too scared. We ended up spending the night together last wk and had a date this wk which was really nice just relaxing watching films. I don’t know what it is about him but I feel I could really like him and that terrifies me…

I’ve decided to seriously look into finding my own little 1 bed place in Oxfordshire and it seems there are a few pet friendly places so that’s made me feel positive, now all I need to do it work out my money plan to see what is realistically affordable. I hope to move early 2016 ideally. Will keep you updated.

Also my next promotion at work is likely to be half a year or more sooner than expected, very exciting. Pay rise next month then promotion in a few months. Work is making me feel positive too. Now to transfer that to my personal life…2016 will be my year I’ve got a good feeling…

Welcome to my blogging world

This is my first blog! The reason for creating a blog is to see if it helps me put my feelings and thoughts somewhere in a regular basis rather than bottle them up. I’m the type of person that comes across as string but then has a lot of layers of sadness hidden away. I hate showing sad emotions and do not want to worry people or to get pity from people. I know that isn’t very healthy but that’s me!

This blog will also feature lots of random thoughts and experiences from my daily life so I hope it will be entertaining and something that some people can relate to and create discussion/comments.

All about me

So a little bit about me as it’s my first blog. I am 28 years of age and I live in a small village just outside of Oxford City centre. I work for the University in a job I really enjoy with a team of great people who lift my spirits during the working week. You spend most of your time with your workmates so that’s importsnt to get along and have fun as well as work hard together.

I came out of a 6 years relationship around a year ago now and it’s been tough and an emotional rollercoaster. I then met someone on plenty of fish rather quickly and dated him for 5 months before realising he was too immature and not the guy I wanted to be with. To be honest he made me realise I really missed my ex but then he had moved on and it was too late…and still is. So I’ve been single properly again since January 2015 – new year new start and all that.

Online dating world

It’s been interesting that’s for sure on plenty of fish and tinder. I’ve dated 2 guys this year – a couple of months each – and then found out they don’t want relationships at the moment, the most recent being yesterday! So I’m still feeling led on and disappointed and angry about it all. On top of the feelings I can’t get rid of for my ex I feel a complete mess at the moment and don’t know what to do! Where and how do I meet a decent guy who doesn’t lead me on?! When I go out I meet younger guys and I’m such a drunk I don’t remember meeting anyone anyways and online is just weird so far and I don’t tend to chat to someone for too long on there.

I think that’s long enough for my first blog as an intro in me and my life. I’m going to meet a friend this evening which is much needed and can’t wait for a catch up and to get out of the house after a week of illness and being house bound. Woo!

C xoxo