The right fish must be out there somewhere…

I’m still relying on online dating to find me the right match. Do I have hope?…No. So why do I do it? I have no idea! It passes time and I don’t really meet guys any other way apart from a drunken kiss in a bar/club and them being a lot younger than me.

I attract some right weird people, in life and online too, my friends didn’t believe I receive so many odd messages online so I logged in and the first two were…

Seriously?! 99.99999% of the time I get boring ‘hey’ messages or weird messages like the above. Another example:

What is wrong with guys today?! No I do not want to sit on your face all day long, aside from that being uncomfortable for you I have things to do plus you’re just gross!

I’ve changed my age range I search in now to 29-35 (I’m now 30) as I know I need to stop finding younger guys, it always happens, I’d like to meet a hot mature guy who knows what he wants in life. Apparently that’s way too much to ask for and he doesn’t seem to exist but I have to have a tiny bit of hope right?! It’s not like I’m expecting to meet anyone now and I feel I have a guard up from dealing with arseholes, I just hope my turn to be happy with someone comes sometime soon…

Life is funny, it scares me as you don’t know what’s around the corner – good or bad – and it’s been a bumpy year. I thought it’d be my year but now I have to hope 2017 will be. My 30s will be my decade!


NYC, new beginnings…

oops so I haven’t written in a while, I really want to keep up with this but it’s hard when my feelings are so up and down I find. So NYC was a great experience, it made me realise I wasn’t ready for a serious relationship though so I ended things with M when I got back, he’s so lovely so it’s such a shame but it’s not right. If I’m still thinking of my ex when with him then he’s obviously not the one so I’ll just be strong and patient until the one sweeps me off my feet and I stop thinking about my ex like that!

I rejoined the world of online dating as it’s a good distraction and even though it’s annoying a lot of the time it can be funny and you can meet the odd half decent guy who you can have a conversation with. I also met someone who is selling me my new car, which I collect in 2 weeks – exciting, and there’s something about him I really like and could see myself falling for him but he’s 6 years younger and I have a feeling I’ll get hurt. I’m being careful but don’t want to not try because I’m too scared. We ended up spending the night together last wk and had a date this wk which was really nice just relaxing watching films. I don’t know what it is about him but I feel I could really like him and that terrifies me…

I’ve decided to seriously look into finding my own little 1 bed place in Oxfordshire and it seems there are a few pet friendly places so that’s made me feel positive, now all I need to do it work out my money plan to see what is realistically affordable. I hope to move early 2016 ideally. Will keep you updated.

Also my next promotion at work is likely to be half a year or more sooner than expected, very exciting. Pay rise next month then promotion in a few months. Work is making me feel positive too. Now to transfer that to my personal life…2016 will be my year I’ve got a good feeling…

Date with Pro

So Pro will be his nickname as he’s a pro golfer.

We finally met, this is the guy I’ve been speaking to from pof for nearly 7 weeks now after spotting him on there within a few miles when I was enjoying a weekend away in Bournemouth. We decided to meet half way in Basingstoke for drinks and a meal and had spoken every day for the last 7 weeks so I felt nervous as I put a lot of hope into this. We got in great over whatsapp and I didn’t have any worry we wouldn’t get along.

We met in the car park then walked to a bar then went for tapas and had a walk and went home. The conversation was flowing, I felt I asked more questions but maybe that’s just a female thing anyways? A few things he did were a bit cringe and annoying but generally we got along. Something about him put me off though, the way he spoke was ok, I think he might have speech problems perhaps and be a bit simple. He told me he’s not very academic and he didn’t know how to pronounce simple words. It threw me a bit as didn’t expect it. I want to be with a man who knows how to be a man and protect you and does well for himself. I’m very ambitious and want someone similar who lots of hobbies. Pro only has golf as a hobby and doesn’t seem to do anything with friends so does he actually have friends? Also meeting half way was tiring enough so distance isn’t great. I haven’t told him how I’m feeling yet but know I have to, shame though as we’ve spoken every day and got to know eachother so I’m really annoyed we didn’t have the spark.

So back to online it is for me but I’m so put off when I receive odd messages like the one below, what is that about?!

I am messaging a couple of local guys, one I’ve known kind of since I was 10 and another I met on a night out so maybe I’ll just ate to meet up and see how things go or strike them off the list. I’ll just have to stay patient I suppose for now for my king in shining armour to show his face. Maybe I should stop being as fussy too?!


Dating update

So I’ve been talking to someone from Bournemouth for nearly 2 months now and we met on POF and then swapped numbers so mainly chat over whatsapp. I drunkenly called him last weekend and spoke to him too! Oops! Bad times on my part…

We’ve decided to meet up in Basingstoke next Wednesday evening for dinner. I’m so nervous and do have the feeling of what’s the point to be honest due to distance. He seems so lovely and we always have lots to chat about but being an hour and 45 minutes away when we both have fairly busy lives and he works some weekends could be difficult. I like the spontaneous ‘can I come round for a couple of hours’ messages etc and I know I won’t get that with him. But I feel I may be missing an opportunity if I don’t go as he could be the one I’m looking for, who knows…I think I will just go but can’t help the doubts which I’m sure everyone has and I’m sure nerves has a big part to play in my doubts too!

Also I matched with someone on Tinder that I knew from school but haven’t seen in about 10 years. He’s still local, we were never close at school but had mutual friends and grew up in the same village so I’ve known him probably since I was about 11. I always thought he was quite good looking so thought why not I’ll swipe right and then when I logged in last night there was a match and a message from him. He asked to meet up so I’m deciding whether that’s a good idea too at the moment.

There are options out there but I’m just not overly thrilled for some reason. Perhaps it’s because I need to learn to love myself first like the picture says as that is something I struggle with. How can I do that though?! Maybe booking a holiday to nyc to visit friends will be a first step to taking time out and spending a couple of days on my own exploring a new city and a new me and working out who that is and then staying with friends for a few days to reconnect and discuss the old times.

Led on…

Starting the day with anger is never good but it’s happened today. I’m still angry about being led on but the recent guy I was seeing but this morning I’ve noticed he’s back on pof and has changed his intent from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘dating but nothing serious’. At least he will be honest with future dates but why did I have to be the one that was led on?! Also he’s deleted me off facebook!

So I haven’t responded to his last message as I was hurt but more annoyed at letting myself get led on again! I really didn’t see it coming with him though as he was the one making plans, wanting to go on holiday and he said he’s been the happiest he’s been. He actually seemed a nice genuine guy. To be honest that was something I was unsure about as thought he was too nice. I know guys can’t win can they?! But how wrong was I?!


There’s a possibility I will bump into him at the gym so I’m going to be strong and ignore him as he should’ve messaged me again if he cared at all to see how I was after his revelation but instead he deletes me from his life. Argh!

I’m worried I’m going to really hold back from future dating now and be worried when I should just be able to try and enjoy it. When and where will I meet the one?!


Plenty of fish in the sea…

This is true, there really are plenty of fish in the sea but when you’re separated your salmon from your slippy eels you’re really not left with much to fish with! That’s my experience on pof (plenty of fish) anyways.

I get very odd messages from guys, today’s latest one is a man thinking he’s a caveman which you’ll see below! Does this really work and get responses normally for them?! My hopes are dwindling by the day but it’s addictive to log on like I’d go into facebook or Instagram or Twitter, yes I’m a bit of a social media addict if you couldn’t tell!


If it’s not an odd message it’s just a hi or hey. I’ve even written in my profile now to not message just saying hi as I won’t respond and I still get those messages, proves that guys aren’t actually reading the profiles properly…

There is one guy I’ve messaged a few times over the weekend who is actually easy to chat to and funny but he doesn’t live too close by, typical. Still it’s nice to chat to someone for now who isn’t a complete moron!

Comment with experiences you’ve had as I’d love to hear about them and know I’m not the only one. Also I’m interested in hearing from a guy about their experiences too.

Swiping left…

That is a regular motion in the Tinder world of online dating! Am I too fussy? Are my standards too high? Am I trying to find someone similar to my ex? What do I want?

I rarely swipe right but when I do the guy doesn’t have much conversation at all. Why swipe right and be in a dating site if you’re not going to be chatty? 

Also the devastating move of actually noticing someone you like but you’re in a routine of swiping left and that’s what you do…nooooooo! It’s a heart stopping moment but not much you can do there!